Happy-Endings - Happy clothes to happy people

Welcome to our world of Happy-Endings!

We are on a tough mission. Our goal is to make the world a little happier by offer endings” that make the user of our clothes, and the people they meet - smile BIG :D Our concept is unique. No other brand specialize in just making products for the body-ends, and design these garments so it all looks Cool, Sporty, Sexy, Humorous, Fresh and Young.

Happy-Endings story

It all started when one of the founders simply got tired of frowning faces... What can I do to make others a little happier, what can I do to bring out the big smile in the faces of the people I meet on my way, he thought? And voila, the idea of Happy-Endings :D was born!

Why? Why not :DD

Is there one thing the world want it’s Happy-Endings! Either this is in the form of a film, a book, a great sunset, love or life in general. Happy-Endings are timeless, boundless, and present at any time and any place and something that everyone can (and will) relate to. By creating happy clothes for all body ends, our vision is to make the user of the garment, as well as all those he or she meet along the way, a little happier. Our vision is to bring Happy-Endings into everyday life. No matter if you are east or west, north or south, in heat or cold.

One little Happy-Endings garment

is perhaps what makes the difference in whether you feel a little better and not least whether or not the person you meet on your way, also

gives you a big smile :D